Affordable Suboxone Treatment For Opioid Addiction

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Are you struggling with an opioid addiction? Does your physical dependence on opioids affect your friends and family members negatively? Do you wish to seek affordable, comprehensive treatment for substance abuse? Well, if you need addiction treatment, then look no further. The Medical Center at Lehigh Acres can help by providing affordable Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction.

We administer prescription medications, such as Suboxone, buprenorphine, and naloxone as a partial opioid agonist and medical taper for the medically-assisted treatment of opioid addiction. 

The decision to discontinue Suboxone film treatment after a period of maintenance is a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This will help you to minimize withdrawal symptoms and work your way to a life of sobriety. 

The Medical Center at Lehigh Acres Offers Suboxone Treatment For Opioid Addiction 

The misuse of opioids, including prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl is a serious national crisis that drastically affects the public health, social, and economic welfare. The number of overdose cases continues to grow each year, and this epidemic has made its way into the lives of unsuspecting family members of all walks of life. 

If this tragedy has happened to you and you’re ready to do something about it, then here’s your chance. 

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For dependence on short-acting opioids, such as heroin or prescription medications (painkillers), the Suboxone film is highly recommended to help you begin and maintain the continuity of medically-assisted treatment. Suboxone film contains both buprenorphine and naloxone to help with the maintenance phase of addiction treatment. 

When transitioning from dependence on long-acting opioids, such as methadone, medications that contain only buprenorphine is recommended. With these opioid addiction treatments available, you will no longer experience withdrawal symptoms, have minimal to no side effects, and will no longer have uncontrollable cravings.

We Care About Your Recovery

Our doctors genuinely care about your recovery and want to see you succeed in every facet of life. We understand how painful opioid addiction withdrawal is and will do absolutely everything in our power to get you the help that you need. After we’ve completed this course of treatment, we will recommend various addiction treatment options that are available. 

12-step programs, in-patient or out-patient addiction treatment programs, and other counseling and behavioral therapies have helped millions of people struggling with substance abuse. It can help you too.   

The FDA-approved medically-assisted treatment with Suboxone is available to help anyone struggling with opioid addiction to help suppress withdrawal symptoms and daily cravings. 

We empathize with your struggles. We understand what kind of pain you’re in. We will never judge you and want to help you in the most effective way possible. Our team of medical professionals is here to help guide you away from the negative impacts that drug abuse has had on your life and direct you towards a bright future of sobriety. 

The Medical Centre at Lehigh Acres does not accept insurance for these treatments. Please call us today to receive a quote for your initial and follow-up visits for these specific services.