Mission Statement

We are here to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices for your acute, minor injury or illness, and treat each patient as unique individuals, with the highest standard and quality of care available for the prevention of any medical condition and the prevention and treatment of obesity and eating disorders. The Medical Centre of Lehigh Acres exists to help fill the “gap” in medical care that falls between the primary physician’s office and the emergency room. It will be an ideal place for people in need of acute, efficient and quality care but who are not experiencing a medical emergency.

Meet our Staff Members

Staff Directors:   

Ralph S Ryback, MD
Medical Director

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Peter Morales,  LLLT
Chief Executive Officer

Javier E Sosa, MD
Chief Medical & Operation Officer

Staff Physicians:

Toni Denise Sanchez, NP-C
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Nadia Vazquez Hidalgo, NP-C
Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

Erika Cruz Martine, NP-C
Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

Judit Ferrer, NP-C
Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

Max Belot, NP-C
Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner

Medical & Administrative Assistants